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By Pukh Raj Rakhecha, Vijay P. Singh

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Suppose a gas whose pressure is P and temperature T is adiabatically compressed or expanded till its pressure becomes 1000 mb. The temperature attained by the gas is known as potential temperature (q ) of the gas. 286 The potential temperature of the dry air remains constant in an adiabatic process. 4: A parcel of air with a temperature of 300 °K rises from a height where the pressure is 1000 mb to a height where the pressure is 600 mb. Find the resulting temperature of air at 600 mb. 8 MIXTURE OF GASES Air is a mixture of gases.

The southern hemisphere is away from the sun. Less than half of the southern hemisphere receives light. At 66½ °S parallel of latitude, night is of 24 hours on 21st of June. The duration of darkness goes on increasing from the south of 66½° parallel of latitude and the south pole remains in darkness for six months. 5° on or around 22nd of December. 22nd of December is the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere. The southern hemisphere receives its maximum amount of solar radiation while the northern hemisphere its least.

Vertical distribution of temperature and pressure. 5°C per km, (2) increasing of wind speed with height, (3) principal medium for the movement of mass (water as liquid, solid or gas, dust, and pollutants), (4) energy (heat energy from the sun) and momentum (winds) over the earth’s surface, and (5) practically all weather phenomena, such as clouds and precipitation, take place. (b) Stratosphere: The layers above the troposphere up to a height of about 50 km is called the stratosphere. The lower stratosphere has a remarkably stable and approximately isothermal temperature distribution.

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