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By John Jones III, Emilio Casetti, John Paul Jones III

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The disciplines of the social sciences have grew to become to types to spot and outline relationships among severe variables. The dynamism of those variables can render versions insufficient. the growth process offers a way of reintroducing the complexities of the genuine global with out destroying the types within the method. As such, the growth procedure is geography's reaction to the theories of social sciences. As a strategy, it presents a scientific technique acceptable for the research of contextual variability in almost any empirical learn environment. As a examine paradigm, the growth process means that the contextual variability of basic approaches be on the vanguard of social medical research. this is often the 1st ebook to collect researchers with pursuits within the growth procedure. The authors study the theoretical implications of the paradigm, give a contribution methodological advances, and provide various purposes in considerable components, together with inhabitants, city platforms, social coverage research, fiscal improvement and distant sensing.

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The leastdeveloped societies, because of their socio-economic structure and their lack of capital and trained manpower, have difficulty in applying it. As they develop, their ability to use the existing technology grows, while at the same time the stock of unused applicable technologies dwindles and slows down their growth. In the limit, their economic growth becomes dependent upon the creation of new scientific and technological knowledge, as is the case for the developed countries (Kristensen 1974:16).

Determining how established functional relations vary with respect to these attributes may both provide clues to the original variation of interest and suggest new inquiries concerning the theoretical and conceptual premises upon which the relationships are predicated. In addition to the above listing, the expansion method’s contexts of inquiry include time and/or space. g. see Chapters 5 and 16 in this volume). In the case of the latter we are concerned with the manner in which established functional relations, and by implication the conceptual frameworks which underlie them, vary from place to place.

Both Kahn and Kristensen suggest that in today’s world the higher rates of growth of developing countries are due to the very existence of the higher level of development of the most developed countries. 20 THE DUAL EXPANSION METHOD Finally, the theoretical statements suggesting that mature economies will tend to experience a retardation in economic growth (Matthews 1982; Olson 1982) are consistent with the occurrence of lower growth rates of GNP per capita in countries characterized by higher levels of GNP per capita.

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Applications of the Expansion Method by John Jones III, Emilio Casetti, John Paul Jones III

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