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Antique Style Bead Accessories by Matsuko Sawanobori PDF

By Matsuko Sawanobori

ISBN-10: 4889960899

ISBN-13: 9784889960891

Книга с Пошаговыми инструкциями для выполнения бижутерии современного дизайна в античном стиле.

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Use the drill bit to bore a hole in the shank of the arrowhead, approximately 1/ 4 inch (6 mm) in from the end. of the arrowhead. Place the arrowhead into a sealable container next to a bowl of ammonia. Allow the arrowhead to fume for several days to produce a blue-green patina (see page 25 for detailed information). Sand its fins with sandpaper to allow some of the bronze color to show through the blue patina. Seal the oxidation with lacquer. 8. Place the arrowhead in the coal activated carbon, and fire it in the kiln following the long firing schedule.

These cracks are a result of the clay shrinking. As it shrinks, the clay is moving, finding the path of least resistance. If there is a small crack to begin with, there will be a larger crack after firing. To repair cracks, fill in the gaps with clay or slip and refire. To prevent cracks from happening, make sure the clay is well conditioned, and use pressure as it's being kneaded. If the slip is too thin, it will When making slip, use the smallest amount of water possible. The slip needs to be thick like yogurt or pudding.

Use the emery file to sand the edges and bottom of the coaster. 6 . Place the coaster flat in the activated coal carbon, and fire it in the kiln using the long firing schedule. If the coaster warps during firing, place it on a steel bench block or anvil and use a rawhide mallet to flatten it. 7. Lightly finish the surface of the coaster with the fine sandpaper. This will bring out the highlights of the texture, leaving the kiln patina in the recesses. Seal the surface of the coaster with lacquer.

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