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Download PDF by Ann Benson: Ann Benson's beadwear: making beaded accessories &

By Ann Benson

ISBN-10: 0806908130

ISBN-13: 9780806908137

Award-winning fashion designer Ann Benson indicates the way to upload sparkle to various clothing with 35 tasks, each one illustrated in a color picture. She makes use of seed pearls, pearl crystals and semi-precious stones to augment jumpers, jackets, shirts and components and create person styles and types.

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TRAVOIS The basic travois is of Native American origin. It is essentially an A-frame construction and consists of two long wooden staffs (often tepee poles) lashed together at the narrower ends, and braced by lashing one or two cross-pieces mid-way to the open end. The width of the travois was determined by the length and placement of these bracing cross-pieces. This bracing also served as a rudimentary platform upon which the load could be tied. A travois might be pulled (depending on its size) either by dog or horse—or even by a man or woman—and was particularly useful in getting loads across broken ground.

Smear the inside and all the seams with pine pitch or resin. BULL BOAT One method of ferrying streams is by means of what the mountaineers call a bull boat, the frame-work of which is made of willows bent into the shape of a short and wide skiff, with a flat bottom. Building a Bull Boat Willows grow upon the banks of many streams and can be bent into the desired shape. To make a boat with one hide, a number of straight willows are cut about an inch in diameter, the ends sharpened and driven into the ground, forming a framework in the shape of a half egg-shell cut through the longitudinal axis.

The weave will finish at the center of the crossbar. The filling in the tail end or heel starts at the upper right-hand corner and finishes in the middle of the crossbar. Great care should be used to get the twists and loops right, and to see that the thongs cross in the proper way. Filling the middle section is simpler than it appears at first glance—it is practically a repetition of the system used in the toe portion. The edges of the wood should be rounded slightly to prevent them cutting the thongs.

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