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In the Anura and amniotes, the plexus in the pars tuberalis penetrates into the median eminence and then the vessels join up to form a number of portal veins which break up into a secondary venous plexus in the pars distalis (Fig. 2-11 g and h). It might be thought that this portal system was less important in mammals than in lower forms, since in them alone the pars distalis acquires a direct arterial blood supply from the internal carotids (Fig. 323). In all land animals the newly developed neural lobe of their neurohypophysis also acquires an independent arterial supply from the same source.

Suboesophageal ganglion Neurosecretory cells have been identified microscopically in the GANGLIA of several insects, including some SUBOESOPHAGEAL 30 SOURCES OF KINETIC AND METABOLIC HORMONES Ephemeroptera (Arvy and Gabe, 1953) and Plecoptera, where their axons are connected anatomically to the ventral gland (Fig. 2-8). ii Vent, gl Leg I FIG. 2-8. Central nervous system and sources of hormones in the head and pro thorax of a hemimetabolous insect, in lateral view. The nervous system, with optic lobes (OP) cut off, resembles that of the crab (Fig.

FIG. 2-14. ) through the outer cell surface (cf. Figs. 4-7 and 4-8). , blood vessel, c , capsule of con­ nective tissue, (c) Mesodermal cells, forming part of ADRENAL COR­ TEX; they are shown in close contact with each other, and with capillaries of the blood supply (cf. Fig. 2-15). ) is shown after removal of all fat, which is abundant in living cortical cells (after Maximow and Bloom, 1942 and Pauly, 1957). 112 SECRETORY CELLS FROM THE NERVOUS SYSTEM 23 The epistellar body is of interest, not only because the term neurosecretory was first used in this country to describe its cells, but also because it provided some of the earliest evidence for the conversion of neurons into secreting cells in an invertebrate (Young, 1936).

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