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By Xiaohuan Mo

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This introductory e-book makes use of the relocating body as a device and develops Finsler geometry at the foundation of the Chern connection and the projective sphere package. It systematically introduces 3 periods of geometrical invariants on Finsler manifolds and their intrinsic kin, analyzes neighborhood and worldwide effects from vintage and glossy Finsler geometry, and provides non-trivial examples of Finsler manifolds enjoyable diversified curvature stipulations.

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24) u ^ " = wfcadw/3fc + &%; + / / ^ . 26) 28 An Introduction and yf'py :V-^>R Proof. to Finsler Geometry satisfying /xa/37 = ^ayi3, &a \V -* R. 27) A wi = u0 A vkadupk + w A vkad(^r) = OJP A vkadupk + w A (vka/F)dyk. On the other hand, since /Ua/37 = /i a 7 / 3, we get a / A [fr a u; + lxalPuJ^] I w A & + iffrw"1. 17), we have v a ua Fyjyk = -—. 33). 34) Proof. 10), we have 5aaviadupi + SapViaduJ = -u(rjUpid(FFyiyj). 35) On the other hand uPo + uap := u>paSaa- + uaaSap.

Y) ^ ^ > < | 2 + NI(£l2/T)*Then (Rn,F) cannot be isometrically into any embedded finite-dimen sional Minkowski manifold. Proof. 41) „ ... m ^ 3 ||a:|| 4 (||a;|| - 1) ' * l (i + NI)3 - + 0 ° ... „ (W-+0°)- Hence the Cartan tensor of (Rn,F) is not bounded. 2. • This page is intentionally left blank Chapter 3 Chern Connection Besides the geometric invariants of Minkowski tangent spaces, there are several geometric quantities on a Finsler manifold. We will describe these invariants by introducing the connection on a Finsler manifold.

35) On the other hand uPo + uap := u>paSaa- + uaaSap. 34). 6 Let V be an n-dimensional vector space, and assume that F : V —> [0, +oo) is positively homogeneous of degree one and (^-)yiyi is positive definite. 38) and " — 0" only if £• and y are collinear. Proof. Setting m ••= ( ? 13) imply that ga(y)yiyj=F2(y). 37). 41) 30 An Introduction to Finsler Geometry is an inner product on V for any y e ^ \ { 0 } . 42) where equality holds iff £ and r\ are collinear. 43) where equality holds iff £ and y are collinear.

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