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A pointy brain, like a fit physique, is topic to an analogous rule of nature: Use it or lose itNeed a calculator simply to determine a fifteen percentage provider cost? now not precisely yes the best way to get the calculator to offer you the determine you wish? flip to this revised and up-to-date version of the entire Math you will Ever desire, the friendliest, funniest, and least difficult exercise routine software around.In no time, you will have overall command of the entire robust mathematical instruments had to make numbers give you the results you want. In a dollars-and-cents, bottom-line international, the place numbers impact every little thing, none folks can manage to pay for to permit our math abilities atrophy. This step by step own math trainer:Refreshes sensible math talents on your own wishes, with examples in accordance with daily situations.Offers hassle-free thoughts for operating with decimals and fractions.Demonstrates easy how one can determine rate reductions, calculate personal loan rates of interest, and figure out time, expense, and distance problems.Contains no advanced formulation and no pointless technical phrases.

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Solution: Though these are not so hard, there are some numbers that are more difficult to convert. Problem 3: Convert 7/8 into a percent. Solution: Ready for another? Problem 4: Convert 1/6 into a percent. Â < previous page < previous page 62 page_57 page_58 next page > next page > 63 Page 58 Solution: Problem 5: Change 4/3 into a percent. Solution: For a practical example of these conversions see the following box on how to calculate Social Security taxes. 2% from your employer. If your salary is $300 a week, how much do you pay in Social Security tax?

15/100 2. 36/100 3. 122/100 Convert these decimals into percents: 63 64 4. 75 5. 66 6. 05 Â < previous page < previous page page_58 page_59 next page > next page > Page 59 Convert these fractions into percents: 7. 3/20 8. 4/7 9. 3/8 Answers 1. 15% 2. 36% 3. 122% 4. 75% 5. 166% 6. 5% 2 Percentage Changes Did you know that perhaps nine out of ten college graduates can't work out percentage changes? But don't take my word for it. Next June head over to the closest college and see how well the graduates do on Self-Test 2.

5. Problem 1: Solution: Â < previous page page_23 next page > 31 32 < previous page page_24 next page > Page 24 How many times does 57 go into 207? It goes in three times, so we write 3 over the 7, multiply 3 Ã 57 and get 171. We subtract 171 from 207 and get 36. Then we bring down the next number, 5, which gives us 365. How many times does 57 go into 365? It goes in six times, so we multiply 57 Ã 6 and get 342. We subtract 342 from 365 to get 23, and bring down the zero to give us 230. How many times does 57 go into 230?

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