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By Jeanne Fahnestock, Marie Secor

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This composition textual content makes a speciality of argument and persuasion utilizing examples, workouts, readings, and writing assignments. The textual content courses scholars via constructing a thesis, discovering and organizing proof, and writing and revising numerous types of argumentative papers. the second one version de-emphasizes the language of formal common sense, and all of the readings, examples, and routines were up-to-date. extra insurance has been given to refutation. accepted in either complicated composition and moment semester freshman classes.

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Itera five Examples We can ascend one level of generality, as it were, from the particular example to the iterative example. e event happens often or repeats itself. Wording the example in the present tense is one way to achieve this effect: I brush my teeth after breakfast. Putting in a word that suggests repetition is another way to create an iterative example: She often hums "0 Sole Mio" while making pizza. CLAIMS ABOUT THE NATURE OF THINGS . 35 There are many other possible indicators of iterative examples.

I believe t h ~ college t football should have a play-off system. 2. I think that most lawyers are honest. 3. l n my opinion downtown was a mess after the homeconling parade. 4. I feel the United States should curtail the development of nuclearpower plants. These look like the vegetable soup example, statements of personal preference. W e often add personal qualifiers in order to soften or tone down statements that we want to assert only casually, that we do not expect to be challenged on. But references to self can mask the arguable nature of such statements in some circumstances.

Here you suddenly find a fact at your disposal as well, the fact that your WHAT WE D O N O T ARGUE ABOUT . 21 school did create the provision for an independently designed Bachelor of Philosophy degree in the first place. By now you realize that the act of arguing involves converting what seem mere personal and idiosyncratic preferences into socially acknowledgeable facts and socially sharable values. Another promising value in the academic community, though not as strong perhaps as others, is a tolerance for diversity, for "interdisciplinary" work (there's a word you recognize as likely to trigger approbation in your audience).

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