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I kept imagining him at a radio microphone with those still hands, fielding questions from guys selling real estate on the Lost Continent of Atlantis (once it rose). 44 Chapter 4 USEFUL STYLISTIC TRICKS O these there are legion, and every writer will develop a few of his or her own. Here is a selection to get you started. F After making a strategic or dramatic point, move away from your subject for a moment, then return with sudden force. First you introduce the topic. Then you shift to a second and seemingly unrelated idea.

A nonscholarly vocabulary. 3. " 4. A familiar, personal, occasionally intimate tone. 5. Relatively short, pithy sentences which are sometimes grammatically incomplete. ) Generally speaking, unless a writer is hemmed in by the inexorable dictates of highly formal writing, as in a 39 A MANUAL OF WRITER'S TRICKS master's thesis or an article for a medical journal, colloquial is the voice of choice. Why? Because this writing style allows an author elbow room (a colloquial phrase) for colorful expression and creative tangenting (a colloquial neologism).

Amoeba-like-an apt and disquieting imagery for humanity's cosmic insignificance. We do indeed stand to the stars as protozoans. Yet it takes a clever writer's eye to see things this way, then quickly to soothe the reader's ego with the reminder of "human-sized" snowy peaks. • Here is Richard Hughes at his best describing a hurricane in A High Wind in Jamaica: "Through the gaping frames the lightning-lit scene without was visible. The creepers, which before had looked like cobwebs, now streamed up into the sky like new-combed hair.

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