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By Kaare Christian

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Modula-2 is an easy but robust programming language that's compatible for a wide selection of functions. it really is in line with Pascal, a profitable programming language that used to be brought in 1970 by means of Niklaus Wirth. throughout the 1970's Pascal turned the main generally taught programming language and it received reputation in technology and undefined. In 1980 Dr. Wirth published the Modula-2 application­ ming language. Modula-2 is an evolution of Pascal. It improves at the successes of Pascal whereas including the MODULE - a device for ex­ urgent the kin among the most important elements of courses. In advert­ dition Modula-2 includes low-level positive factors for structures software­ ming and coroutines for concurrent programming. Programming languages are vital simply because they're used to precise principles. a few programming languages are so restricted that definite principles cannot be simply expressed. for instance languages that lac okay floating element mathematics are beside the point for clinical com­ putations. Languages comparable to uncomplicated and Fortran that lack recur­ sion are incorrect for textual content processing or platforms programming. occasionally a programming language is useable for a definite appli­ cation however it is way from perfect. an exceptional instance is the trouble of writing huge courses in natural Pascal. Pascal is a negative language for big jobs since it lacks amenities for partitioning a software viii Preface 6< ; ~~~~er zero\ Sheet steel Tube /" zero (to Affix Eraser to Shaft) ~ hole wood Shaft A Lead middle determine 1. An exploded diagram. into separate items that may be built independently.

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In these more relaxed languages you don't have to declare all of your variables, or you only need declarations for certain variables. Modula-2's requirement for "full disclosure" makes it easier to write, read, and maintain good software. Explicit declarations allow safer programming because they enable the compiler to perform basic verifications. For example, programmers often mistype the names of variables. Declarations provide the compiler with a list of valid names, enabling the compiler to detect many errors.

What is the value of the following expression? 5 > (3-4) b. If the CARDINAL variables a, b, and c have the values 5, 3, and 4, what is the value of the following expression? 2. 11. Write a program that calls DEC to decrement a CARDINAL variable whose value is zero. What result do you expect, and what result do you actually get? 4. CHAR The CHAR TYPE represents single characters. Every computer system uses a character set for sending information to and from printers, terminals, etc. The two most common character sets are ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) and EBCDIC (Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code).

Declarations are trickier. In most languages declarations are used to define the various data elements that are used in the program. Declarations dictate how many of which data TYPE are going to be used in the program and they provide names for the data elements. This is somewhat like creating a landscape containing a lost motorist. Defining the data elements that will be used in a program is one role of Modula-2 declarations. The other roles are more unusual - Modula-2 declarations are also used to introduce new data TYPES, PROCEDURES and local MODULES.

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